Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Post: Mother's Day Edition 05/11/2014

Happy Mother's Day!

The weekend is officially over and it's going to be spent giving thanks to the Mother's out there who put up with us even in our advanced age. If you were watching any baseball today, you probably noticed the awesome amount of pink scattered around the league. There were also a number of really cool Mother's day shenanigans going on as well. I was happy to see the mascot's mothers come out and play.

Let's get down to business! I started the day off with great news! After three weeks of offering lopsided trades, I finally picked up the 2014 Jared Weaver card just in time for his start this morning. I unloaded one of my F-Rod League Leaders for Weave. I also got an Anthony Rizzo and a Billy Hamilton. All three were from the 2014 Fan's Choice Rare Card. Why can't I find the checklist? While on the subject of trading. I've received numerous requests for my Jeremy Guthrie CC. I don't know why exactly, I have another pitcher or two from the Royals that are doing just as good, there's at least 26k available in circulation, and, not to sound like a jerk, he's not exactly lighting up the Bunt score bored. Take the trade offer I have pending in my trade folder, it's for Trout, A. Gonzalez, and Encarnacion Common cards. All of which, I have already have in abundance. What gives? If someone has an answer, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter @buntacularvoyage. I'd love to hear the theories.

"Enough Said"

So Sunday was set to be a lazy day of baseball around the league and MLB@BAT while simultaneouly lounging in my pajamas. Weaver was magnificent on the mound and corralled +135 points. I also dropped an SR, SC, and CC of Jon Niese and he delivered again. The guy is turning out to be a real workhorse. I've been a bit off when it comes to choosing hitters and sticking with them. Yasiel Puig was at -10 points when I decided to yank his SC, I would later regret that when he ended the day with a +60 points for that same card. I also missed out on a bevy of offense today. 

My offensive miscues may have cost me my goal of cracking the Angel's Top 50 and left me +80 points under the 10K mark. I continue to break my own personal records for points in a week. The +4k in points can be contributed to strong pitching choices. I started the week hot and continued the whole way down the stretch. This morning I was in 51st place for the Angels but that eroded as I continued to make blunder after blunder. Hopefully, next week the rain of points comes down even harder! 

Howie Kendrick!

Howie was crushing it today. I recently acquired an HK47 SR and it netted me +156 points. He went 3/4 with two stolen bases, a walk and three runs. Total BOD material. 

"Sleeper of the Day"
Cole Hamels

Cole is on the comeback trail with four games under his belt and is still win less. Seven innings pitched and ten K's  brought the UC card +155 points that I completely slept on. I could have not only cracked the Top 50 but surely broke the 10k barrier I've been fighting against. C'est La Vie!