Saturday, May 3, 2014

Got Me Steady Buntin'

     Thanks to the highly addictive Topps: BUNT app and no one willing to simultaneously talk baseball and its fantasy baseball app equivalent, I decided to blog my mobile device exploits. Like most life altering addictions, it started as an innocent inquiry on line as to what this new app is. I'm no stranger to Topps Baseball cards thanks to my years of baseball card collecting. I also knew that Topps had the eTopps brand rolling around in my early adulthood which mimicked the stock market in a round about way. So, I was pleasantly surprised that an old friend like the Topps card company was trying something new. What I didn't expect was that Topps, the wrinkled old Chemistry teacher, was fed up with its lot in life and began to produce this highly addictive e-drug.
"I only deal in high quality insert cards"

WTF is Topps BUNT?

Good question! For the first week of the season I didn't know. I'd get that question a lot from people I hoodwink into a conversation about baseball. My usual answer was, and possibly still is, in layman's terms, “baseball card collecting meets fantasy baseball.” At that point people would  usually remind me that card collecting and fantasy baseball are some of the most boring hobbies they've ever heard and couldn't envision why anyone would want to meld them together. After the conversation, I cut them from my life.

Little did I know, Bunt is one of three apps Topps has unleashed on the sports nerd world. The other two are Huddle and Kick. Huddle for the NFL game and Kick for that sport the rest of the world calls football. Thankfully, I'm only interested in the Bunt app mainly because baseball lasts nearly 340 days.

So you downloaded it and.....

So I downloaded it and immediately received my first digital cards. You're initially asked to choose a favorite team. I chose the Angels since they've been my favorite team as long as I can remember. Within a week I still did not know what the hell I was doing or how the hell to do it but I found myself falling in love with baseball again. It was like The Notebook, if in the Notebook the guy went on to have a ton of other cool adventures. What can I say, I'm sentimental. I  love GI Joe still, I think Pro Wrestling is a misunderstood art, and the Nineties were the greatest ten years of the modern world. So I welcomed my renewed interest in baseball back. Eventually, I've gotten the hang of it. I've also learned that the more attention I pay to baseball the better I am. As I write this, I'm having my best week yet and my collection is really sub par at best. So I must know enough about this to warrant someone needing my expertise in blog form.

So why write about it?

I like to write. Plain and simple. I just want to write about baseball and hope other people find the blog and say “Hey, I feel the same way”. Maybe, I might entertain someone. Who knows what lies before me. I just want to stick it out and let my imagination run wild.

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