Sunday, May 4, 2014

Seattle: Home of the Largest Bandwagon

     Greetings from the Emerald City! Tough way to start the day. I was in flight during the first series of day games today. So who ever I picedk in those games weren't getting jettisoned before they destroy the monster week that I've been having. I decided to start with Nick Swisher, Giancarlo Stanton, Alexi Ramirez, Corey Kluber, Wil Myers, Adrian Gonzalez, Wild Horse, Ed Encarnacion and Adeny Hechevarria. I had about +4584 for the week #71 for the Angels and Overall #2035. I hoped that I could break top 50 this week for the Angels but that seems to be a pipe dream since started the day 1,500 behind the pack. I only need 500 pts to reach pts level 5, which at this point seems attainable. I finally hit the 10% collected mark with my purchase this morning. With only my daily $1000 coins I picked up a 5 pack and pulled a four duplicates and a UC that will remain nameless. By default, that makes him my morning pull of the day.

     Another issue that had me worrying about today's tally was the lack of pitchers I had set today compared to the last few. Today, I had Darvish Illustrated, Kluber Rare and Lohse Scarce already in the front of my mind. Darvish put me in a tough spot being that he's pitching against my Halo's and if he has a monster game, that means my real life team suffers. I was also not feeling too well as I turned off my phone seeing Kluber putting up a -23 pts after the first inning. When I landed, I was officially in a new dimension. Kluber K'd thirteen in eight innings but unfortunately didn't get the win. Lohse and Darvish had solid games getting me about 160 pts between the both. Thankfully, I kept scrolling down and noticed Wade Miley was pitching which prompted me to drop his scarce card in and it pulled +209 pts. This was one of the main reasons I broke the 5k mark and also solidified my level five points award.

     Before I forget! Special shout out to a couple of recent pulls. Wil Myers UC kicked in +102 pts with an in the park homer. The big bat was Giancarlo Stanton Scarce with +187 pts. Hitting triple digits seems to be a tough benchmark for the offensive players. I looked up the common card for Stanton and that hit triple digits on it's own which is really hard. All in all, this was a great day for hitters as well as pitchers.

     I ended the week making some great strides. I'm The Angels #65 and I'm #1949 overall for the week which is a big jump from #162 & #4,045. I smell yet another Indigo foam finger. I'd like to blame my slow Monday and Tuesday but I averaged about 800 pts a day, and truth be told, I did not have 800 pts days on Monday and Tuesday.

     Twittering will commence now! Yea, I got a Twitter account to help the blogging therapy. @buntacvoyag is my handle. I will see how micro blogging treats me. I had a personal Twitter account that is less voice reaching out to the rest of the world and more of a platform for stalking comedians.

Get Well Soon Hyun-Jin Ryu! Can't wait to drop you in the line up again soon.

Tomorrow, I will be back in the air headed south during prime game times.

Beast of the Day
Corey Kluber!!!!

(This is you, not playing this guy)
Sleeper of the Day
Giancarlo Stanton!!!!!

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