Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's been a hard days' night....

Well folks, I've been a bad blogger this week. I started the blog about a week ago and had an ample amount of time to work on it but this week I got swamped. Work and other social constraints, I was unable to get focused on anything outside of Twitter. BUT! This is the new dawn. I apologize and I'm ready to get back to blogging about my obsession.

"I'm sorry, trust me."

It was a tough week. The MLB Schedule gods were not working well with my work schedule. Thankfully, I took advantage of a dope sale and picked up some GOLD SR's. The biggest pull was my Iwakuma SR. I used it in conjunction with the RC of his and made a +700 point killing. On friday, I put in a couple of Yu Darvish cards and pulled about +600 points as well. It was a great way to start the weekend.

Which lead me to today, I stayed up a bit late at a show and slept in which caused me to miss the beginning of three games. The hectic schedule, rain delays, and large number of pitchers all pitching today, I was able to pull myself within fourteen points of the 9k mark for the week. Hopefully, tomorrow is good for me and I get to at least 10k. 

My placing going into Sunday is #58 for the team and #1,564 overall. It's been a tough climb and I'm about 285 points away from the #50 slot. Cross your fingers folks! As far as the weekly average, I'm far from it. I can say, I've been making some positive steps and am ready to get started with the new week and crack some skulls!

"Beast of the Day"

Jeff Samadzija, Cubs
AKA The Best Winless pitcher in Major League Baseball. The run support was not there but that golden arm was in full Beast Mode. If you don't have him in your line up, You're missing out on possibly the Sleeper of the Season.

"Sleeper of the Day"

Charlie Blackmon, Rockies
One of my first big pulls was a Charlie Blackmon Scarce. Since then, I've habitually missed the boat. The Rockies in general are major sleepers for me. Tulo, Arenado and Blackmon have been killing it. Please, learn from my mistakes!