Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!!

Hola! from the Pacific Northwest. I began my day in the great state of Washington. I woke up with my Indigo Foam finger waiting for me. A few hours later I picked up my Level Five points award. I started the week 4,400 pts away from Level Six. My goals for the week are to land in the Top 50 for the team and Top 1000 overall. They can seem a bit lofty but you gotta aim high!

I got a little bonus for the finger and coupled with a quick sale of packs I had enough to buy a couple of Niner packs for $750. I got my pull of the day with a Charlie Morton UC. It was another onslaught of duplicates. If I were ever so inclined, I could triple down on Clay Buchholz (Not a bad a idea now that I think of it). The sale was nice and hopefully the dupes can become some good trade bait. With my new stock of dupes I should start pounding the trade pavement more often. I have yet to see someone turn down three UC's for a CC (Common Card). I have seen someone turn down three RC's (Rare Cards) for a UC. That trade rejection blew my mind.

"How was I supposed to know a Mike Trout Sig would be valuable?"

I brought out the hounds on the mounds today!!!! My SR (Super Rare) Jon Niese made a big appearance. The cards last three outings raked in over +200 pts. I barely received him a week or two ago and the last appearance nearly scored me +300 (+288 if you want to get technical). It was against the Phillies so they weren't a total bum squad. Today though, he brought the fire. Ending the day with +342 Pts. The guy was so beast, I brought in his common three innings in to pull a double down. Total Beast of the Day Material. 

Unless.....“Mad” Max Scherzer is taking the hill against Houston. I currently hold a CC (Common Card), UC and a SC (Scarce). In jest, I thought of putting all three on the board. That stayed a joke until I settled in at SeaTac and click the game on my MLB At Bat app. Before it started I did something I've never done, Tripled down! The guy was a beast on the mound. I wished the Halo's could find a way to pick this guy up. In order of scarcity I pulled +398/+351/+234. I was practically cheering at the restaurant as the game clicked on. 

On the offensive side, I made some unfortunate choices. During the early games I was able to listen or update until the eighth inning due to my flight leaving at the most inopportune time. By the time I touched down, my phone was dead and most of the games had ended except for the Angels-Yankees game. Adding to my offensive woes was the injury to Yasiel "Wild Horse" Puig and Joe Mauer being absent from the lineup. 

I ended the day raking in +1,573 pts which broke a record but given the ability to make in game decisions, I think I could have squeezed atleast another +500 pts. Hind sight is 20/20. Tomorrow, I hope to bring the heat. I have a whole day off from work and will be back on keeping a watchful eye on the games as they play out. By the way, Clayton Kershaw is returning to the mound. Expect to see his Bunt: On Deck in the mix tonight. 

Cinco De Mayo Special Pull
"Let's cuddle"

So Topps felt it was necessary to dangle some cards at a crazy price in front of me. Me being the vigilant BUNT follower, completely missed it and found out about it hours later. Thankfully, the Cinco De Mayo Sale of five cards for 555 coins was still going strong and I dropped some digital coin on some packs. I must say, this was a dope pack deal. I pulled Dozier and Peacock SR's, 2 F-Rod League Leader, Wild Horse SC, and, my personal favorite of the pack, Garret Richards RC. I also got a Jeff Samardzija RC.t.

Beast of the Day
Max Scherzer
"For the handling of the Astros like a boss"

Honorable Mention Beast of the Day
Jon Niese
"For pitching like he owned the place"

Sleeper of the Day
Troy Tulowitzki
"I slept on putting him in the lineup for no good reason and he made me pay"

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